Matting solutions for your farm animals, whether it be cows, horses or pigs you can be rest assured the quality in comfort we can offer your pride equine cattle is second to none. These are not made from cheap eva foam, but from very strong SBR rubber. The material provides the following benefits…

Soft cushioning & support as in their natural habitat.
Non slip surface, which also increases the strength of the animal
Hygienic and easy to clean unlike conventional straw
Cheaper, easier and more efficient over time, as less bedding hay is required
It’s proven that a healthier cow will produce more milk and offspring resulting in more profitability
Suitable for barn and stall floors as well as trailers. Our office is in Bangkok, but delivery can be arranged anywhere in Thailand.

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Impact Pro Mat

3,745 ฿ (Inc VAT) Per mat
•Only 3,500 Baht Per Mat  • 12mm Thick  • 1 Side Ribbed & 1 Side Bubbled • Good For Horse Stables & Gym Weight Areas • Easy To Install and Clean.

Pasture Pro Mat

6,420 ฿ (Inc VAT) Per mat
•Only 6,000 Baht Per Mat  • 25mm Thick  •Anti Slip Finish • Robust Cushioned Rubber • Easy To Install and Clean The Leading Cow Mattress Product In Thailand